Spencer Trask is a private equity firm discovering ideas to shape the 21st Century. Through our collaborative network of business leaders and co-investors – the Spencer Trask Network – we provide visionary entrepreneurs with both the intellectual and financial capital to transform bright ideas into world-changing companies.

Spencer Trask’s ventures span emerging communications, healthcare, software and information technologies. Our unique business building approach focuses on one purpose: building great companies.

Our team at Spencer Trask works with investors to determine the right investment ‘fit’ for each individual’s interest and preference. We develop innovative ideas into world-changing companies, including some of the most influential ventures in technology and health care. Today, we are pioneering the use of incentive-based collaboration to accelerate the growth and success of our mission.

Help Create the Future

We invite accredited investors to join the Spencer Trask Network, and play an important role in the process of creating the future. We are dedicated to providing the techniques, talent, capital, and wisdom to help entrepreneurs change the world.

The best is yet to come as we explore the dreams of scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. We continue a tradition of discovering the ideas that will shape the human condition and trust that you join us in the belief that this is the noblest, most exciting, and most important contribution to mankind that we can make.