Spencer Trask is a private equity firm based in New York City and Old Greenwich, CT. We offer investors the opportunity to make significant returns on high-quality, early-stage investments. But we’re different – and better – because your investments also can profit the world, changing it for the better.
Investments That Better Our World

During the past 20 years, clients of Spencer Trask Ventures have invested more than $1 billion in start-up companies that have gone on to make significant advances in healthcare, technology, life sciences, and more.

Great Innovations, Great Profits

The Spencer Trask network of private investors and business leaders supports the brightest ideas of the greatest scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs. We stand behind brilliant visionaries with promising ideas and ground-breaking technologies that help people. And when you better the world, the profits can be outstanding.

We Build Great Companies

The Spencer Trask network has transformed early-stage, big ideas into great businesses,
including some of the most influential companies of our times.

The Noble Origins of Spencer Trask

Our work is inspired by the legacy of Mr. Spencer Trask, who backed Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb.

Mr. Trask also:

  • Ran the first electric company
  • Saved the New York Times
  • Co-founded General Electric
  • Funded the first credit rating service
Breakthrough Innovations, Breakout Investments

More than a century later, the legacy of Mr. Trask continues to illuminate the world. We remain focused on powering the brightest ideas, backing the Edisons of today — visionaries whose breakthrough innovations may represent tomorrow’s breakout investments.

Build Your Legacy

What’s your legacy? Make an investment that betters your future – and the world. Join more than 4,000 entrepreneurs, advisors and investors working to create businesses that change the world