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Spencer Trask Ventures unites investors and entrepreneurs to build valuable companies that better the world. Our clients have made significant advances with healthcare and technology start-up companies.

Invest in Your Future
We offer exclusive, early-stage opportunities – you choose only the opportunities aligning with your interests and goals. Our investors also enjoy a unique opportunity to provide leadership and expertise to companies in which they invest.


Vesselon: Take Stock In Stroke

Portable, and easy to learn device is anticipated to limit damage caused by strokes, possibly preventing a lifetime of permanent disability. Estimated $4 billion market.

Our Inspired Legacy

We’re inspired by the legacy of Mr. Spencer Trask, one of history’s most influential venture capitalists. Among his many contributions, Mr. Trask financed Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb. Revealing how ideas and investment can illuminate the world, we provide financial intellectual backing to the Edisons of today.

What’s your legacy? Join our network, and help shape the next century.

About Us

Spencer Trask Ventures is a private equity firm dedicated to investing in bright ideas and businesses. We continue a tradition that’s noble and rewarding, building great companies of outstanding value, while bettering the world. We’re dedicated to empowering the brightest ideas of the most promising entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists, by providing the financial and intellectual backing they need.

Superior Investor Approach

Our uniquely successful approach is based on our Spencer Trask Angel network. This powerful, exclusive network unites three elements: successful investors, experienced executives, and promising entrepreneurs. The whole is greater than the parts, as we collaborate and leverage our network’s collective intellect and talents, creating the equivalent of a world-class startup team.

Supporting Success

Our network provides resources, wisdom, techniques, including expert support in recruiting and HR, sales and marketing, partnering, IT, finance and more. This allows our entrepreneurs and inventors to focus on and accelerate the achievement of strategic and operational milestones. Our investors are encouraged to be involved in their companies, which further accelerates growth and success.

Focus and Expertise

We maximize our success with our sector strategy, focusing on specific emerging technologies, such as healthcare, communications, software and IT. Each of our venture companies collaborates with similar companies in sector groups. Each group is led by a top executive, with deep expertise in that industry.

Join our Network

We collaborate one-on-one with each investor, to craft the right investment fit for their goals and interests. We invite investors to join the growing Spencer Trask network, and invest in a better future.

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